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Why WebsiteBuilder?

Wanting to create a website, but you don't have time to learn how to code? Need to come up with a professional website quickly? Are you looking for pre-designed yet customizable layouts? Then, WebsiteBuilder is for you!

WebsiteBuilder is the most user-friendly website builder tool available online. WebsiteBuilder is perfect for beginners and more advanced users as well. It offers content elements one can add by simply dragging and dropping them to your desired place, as well as unlimited creativity for a more advanced website. Creating a live website through WebsiteBuilder can be achieved in real-time as coding and plugins are not required.

We offer several builders in addition to WebsiteBuilder, like WordPress, Weebly, and CM4all. Here is a comparison, for a quick, professional website, nothing compares to WebsiteBuilder!

Mobile ResponsivenessCheckCheckCheckCheck
User-friendly interfaceCheckCheck*Check
Pre-designed layout
and sections
Customizable layoutsCheckCheckCheckCheck
Easily change domainsCheckCrossCrossCross
SSL FriendlyCheckCrossCheckCross
Easy InstallationCheckCheckCheckCheck
E-commerce compatibilityCheckCheckCheckCross
No coding required CheckCrossCrossCross


With the WebsiteBuilder, you get:

  • Mobile responsive themes
  • Hundreds of pre-designed layouts
  • Customizable fonts
  • Easy to change domains
  • Security provided by SSL
  • Installation is just a click away
  • Sell your product online (must be in a Business Plan)
  • Built-in PayPal Integration (must be in a Business Plan)
  • No need to learn HTML coding
  • Analytics Integration
  • SEO and Social Media Tools
  • Revision History
WebsiteBuilder is a budget-friendly add-on feature. What are you waiting for? Get started today!