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Website Errors: 404

You may see a 404 error if the source doesn't exist in the specified location, files are missing from the directory, or the file contains any misspellings.

There are two parts to this troubleshooting: 

404 Error On A Page
A Specific Element Missing From A Page

If your site is database-driven, please contact us

404 Error On A Page

  1. Check the URL path. 
    404 error
  2. Check the domain pointer. See this article for a walk-through on how to check where your domain points to.  
  3. Go to File Manager. Locate the directory or folder where your domain is pointed to. Does the URL path exist? 
  • If not, re-upload your site files to the correct directory
  • If the resource does exist, check the spelling. I.E. about.htm, About.html, about.Html (Linux is case sensitive)

A Specific Element Missing From A Page

Example: There is supposed to be a header image on your site but it is missing from the page. 
  1. Right-click your mouse on the empty space, and click Inspect.
    drop down menu, inspect
    Inspect element page
  2. Go to File Manager and follow the file path that you found when inspecting the source code. 
  3. If the file is misspelled or is not there, then rename the file to what it's supposed to be or re-upload the image under the correct directory. See article File Management: Navigating File Manager.
  4. Go back to your website and clear the browser's cache (or CTRL+F5).

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